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About UMS

Ukrainian Medical Society (UMS) is a nonprofit association of Ukrainian medical practitioners. The organization was founded in 2016, primarily as a reaction to an increasingly progressing number of issues related to legal representation of medical practitioners in connection with their professional practice. Since founded, over 3000 members joined us to benefit from protection and support which we provide to our members. Currently UMS is the largest organization providing legal defense to Ukrainian doctors. UMS special packages allow members to receive the most comprehensive and advanced support s comparing to all other solution currently available.

Despite relatively young age, UMS is a pioneer in innovative on-line services aimed to assist medical practitioners to maintain professional competences.

Since 2019, the UMS plays an active role persuading Ukrainian parliament to support positive changes allowing Ukraine to improve national health care system. It is our belief that overall betterment of national health care shall be a result of a consensus between medical industry and society us such.


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